Touchstones: Daily Meditations for Men in Recovery App Reviews

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One of the best apps for spiritual uplifting.


An inspirational daily meditation for men. I first started reading it over 20 years ago. My day always unfolds better when I include this in my daily preparation.

Touchstones Daily Meditation for Men

Bought this book twenty years ago and it disappeared one day. Nice to have it back and have it handy.

A really great buy

I use it everyday to help me with my journey . A must have for anyone recovering from any addiction .

iOS 10 problem

Love the app but when I upgraded to iOS 10 the type shrunk to a size that is almost illegible and I have it on the highest type setting. PLEASE FIX MY FAVORITE APP.

Great daily reflections book

I was delighted to find this app. I love the book and reading it everyday is a great way to go through each day. As previously mentioned, it would be great to see features that allow the reader to highlight, make bookmarks and add notes. Hopefully an update with these features.


Great morning meditations for men. I have been using it daily for many years.

Great Resource

Use daily and I often find thought provoking insights

Very nice

Great APP, I use it it!!!


Amazing how these tend to be spot on for what I need to remember. They help me get through the days

Just right!

This devotional is good for men in general. The focus is on sex addiction recovery, and it is EXCELLENT for that use, but the content is good for all men. Just like the 12 steps are just a good way for anyone to live by, this devotional book can easily be used more broadly.

Excellent to start day with!

Love it.


Touchstones has become my "go to" meditation to put cap on the mornings meditation. First is the AA daily meditation, then to 24 Hours (Hazelden) and then last, but not least, to Touchstones. Often I send it along to sponsee and my son in the program. Touchstones three pieces each add something.

Exactly what I need to hear daily

Nothing but good stuff


What better way to start your mornings than with some positive meditations to reflect on. It often carries me through my day.

Great Job

Really points to "First Things First"


I have been using Touchstones for 20+ years. It remains a corner stone of my daily contemplative readings. I frequently give the hard copy as a gift. I am really enjoying the electronic version.

Nightly routine reading

I read the hard copy to my wife every night at bedtime, and this app lets me take it anywhere. If she really resonates with something, I can just send it to her. What a gift


I start my day reading Touchstones! Great job. Always relevant insights.


Somehow these daily meditations always seem to speak directly to me. They speak hope and reassurance constantly.

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